Ultimate Guessing Game!

You are invited to participate in the Ultimate Guessing Game of 2011...
"Weight, Date and Gender!"
For all those Allens out there, or those who are affiliated with them, you know that the best thing about the Allen Family parties is the Guessing Jar. Blaine and I tried to think of our own "Guessing Jar" of sorts to get all of you excited for the upcoming arrival of Little Baby Murray!
You can participate in one, two, or all three of the categories of this competition. The instructions are simple. Just click into the comptetition you would like to participate in and post your name and guess as a comment. You must post your guess before the *birth of Baby Murray. Soon after Baby Murray is born, we will post the winners of the competition along with a picture of our little Bambino! The three competition prizes will be delivered to the doors of the winners, or sent through the mail. Hurray! Time is running out! Only 3 weeks until Baby Murray is scheduled to come! May the Best Guesser Win!
*See the rules for each specific competition below

Guess the Weight...

It is time to guess the Weight of Little Baby Murray. Please post your guess below in the comment section along with your name. Your guess must include pounds and ounces.

If no one guesses right on, the closest guess, higher or lower, will be the winner. If no one guesses right on and there are two equally close guesses both higher and lower than Baby Murray's weight, the one who gets the closest without going over will be the winner. For example, if our Baby is 15 lbs. 9 oz. (I sure hope not :) and no one guesses 15 lbs. 9 oz., but two people guess 15 lbs. 8 oz. and 15 lbs. 10 oz, the person who guessed 15 lbs. 8 oz. would be the winner!

Because there could be more than one correct guesser, if there are multiple people with the right answer, they will then be entered into a drawing for “The Weight Competition Prize!” Good Luck! May the best guesser win!

A few helpful hints: (Take them for what they are worth)

  • The midwives predict our Baby is between 5-6 pounds right now. These predictions are based on how my stomach feels. I have not had an ultrasound since I was 20 weeks along.
  • I have gained the normal weight accompanied with pregnancy.
  • My stomach has always measured right on in centimeters with how far along I am in weeks.

Guess the Date...

It is time to guess the Birthday of Little Baby Murray. Please post your guess below in the comment section along with your name. You must post your guess before we call our families to let them know we are in labor.

If no one guesses the exact day, the closest guess to the day will be the winner, whether that guess is before or after our baby's birthday. If we don't have an exact guesser and there are two close guesses both before and after the birthday, then the guess before our baby is born will be the winner. For example, if our baby is born on January 25 and no one guesses that day, but two people guessed January 24 and January 26, then the person who guessed January 24 would be the winner.

If there are quite a few people who guess the correct birthday of Baby Murray, those guessers will then be entered into a drawing for “The Birthday Competition Prize!” Good Luck! May the best guesser win!

A few helpful points: (Take them for what they are worth)

  • Baby Murray is due January 20, 2010.
  • The midwives say that we are measuring right on schedule.

Guess the Gender...

It is time to guess the Gender of Little Baby Murray! Please post your guess below in the comment section along with your name. Because there could be more than one correct guesser, if you guess right, you will then be entered into a drawing for "The Gender Competition Prize!" Good Luck! May the best guesser win!

A few helpful hints: (Take them for what they are worth)
  • Our Baby is really active. I have no idea if one gender is more active than another, and I know every baby is different, but I feel our baby all the time, and when I say all the time, I mean our baby is kicking me all day long!
  • My stomach looks more like a basketball than a football.
  • I haven't been sick at all. I have felt great.
  • My blood sugars have a little too high with this baby.

Christmas Baby Belly!

Our little BMurr has grown a lot in the last month! Only one more month until we get to meet our little Bambino!
Fun Facts About BMurr:
  • Our baby is probably about 5 pounds right now! Crazy that there is a little human inside of me!
  • Our baby moves around a whole lot! I will be surprised if our baby isn't really active when he/she is born!
  • In the last 2 months, our baby has grown about 5 inches taller than they were before!
  • We can't wait to welcome our little baby and smother them in Baby Magic and kiss and love on him/her a whole lot!

Happy Birthday Chums!

This is a special Birthday Shoutout to one of my bestest friends and sisters, Hollie! I feel so lucky to be her sister! Here are some things I am so grateful for about Hollie:

  • She makes you feel like you can accomplish anything! She makes you want to go for your dreams!

  • She makes you feel so special when you are around her! I always feel like a million bucks!

  • Hollie is so herself, and liberates others to be themselves also!

  • Hollie is such a good listener!

  • Hollie is so fun to talk to!

  • Hollie teaches me all the cool new, (or old) abbreviations like NBD.

  • Hollie is the best bargain shopper and gets so excited about all her good deals! The excitement she has for the little things in life is so contagious!

For all these reasons and so many more, I love you Chumsy-pooh! I am so happy you were born 20 years ago today!

Me, Chums, and Sarah

The Best 2 Years!

Two years ago, on December 20, I married my best friend for all eternity! Life has never been the same! Marriage is hard, but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! This definately has been the best two years for me!

For our anniversary, we got to go and spend time in Island Park at our favorite spot. Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Above: Here is the man of my dreams standing in lots of snow! There is always so much up there this time of year!

Above: Look at all these beautiful pine trees behind me! Aren't they gorgeous! Isn't this so romantic?

Above: The view from the back porch

Above: The happy couple!

Above: Everything is so themed! It's all so outdoorsy!

Above: Even the light covers are themed!

Above: We went out and played in the snow for a couple hours!

Above: We felt like we were on the Chronicles of Narnia! It was a Winter Wonderland outside!

Above: Making Snow Angels

Above: Blaine made me the yummiest lunch and made me a cute dvd. He is so amazing! I love this man! I am crazy about him!

Above: This is the face I get to wake up to everyday! This is a little shout out to my sweetie!
He's the cutest in the world...
I really am the luckiest girl!
He's handy and handsome and quite a catch,
I am so glad that he is my match!
For all the wonderful memories we have made,
I wouldn't trade them for anything, even if I got paid!
We have so many wonderful years to come!
It makes me want to do a jig and hum!
This is a shoutout for the most wonderful man
Blaine Murray, I am so glad we're a foreva' fam!
Happy Anniversary Babe!

October Baby Belly

Just 3 months and one day til' our little bambino is due to arrive! I feel like the last week and a half I have really popped out! This is me on my birthday, and thanks to my sister Sarah, I have a cute purple fall pregnant lady shirt to wear!

Fun B-Murr Facts of the Day!

  • Our Baby is a kicker! Usually around noon or 1:00 in the afternoon, I will feel our baby get active and I will look down to see my stomack look like a bowl of Jello! My tummy moves all around and you can see our baby kick and punch me!
  • Our baby is able to hear now! Blaine sings to our baby and we like to read little B-Murr stories!

A Very Happy Birthday!

I love Birthdays because I get to chat with so many wonderful friends! Blaine made my birthday so special. He does such a good job to make me feel so special. One thing I love about Blaine is that when it is your birthday, he not only celebrates the day, but the whole weekend before too! Birthdays are the best when you're married to Blaine, and have so many wonderful friends and family!

Above: The night before my birthday, we had a 10/10/10 party with Blaine's family. We celebrated our my birthday and our nephew Hayden's birthday too, (his birthday is the same day as mine.) We made pizza with 10 toppings, sang "Happy Birthday" 10 times, and opened presents. Blaine's family is so festive and fun!

Above: I woke up to a new piece of furniture in our front room! Blaine had set this book shelf up when I was asleep! I must have been tired, because even after him hammering in 42 nails, I still didn't wake up!

Above: Can Blaine get any more cute? I am not sure! He made me a delicious crepe breakfast!

Above: A designer crepe

Above: Blaine made homemade macaroni and cheese and steak for dinner with broccoli and sliced tomatoes on the side. These are all my favorite things!

Above: We made carmel apples instead of cake

Above: I got to make 2 wishes, because the first time we lit the candle, we forgot to get the camera! Double the Birthday wishes! What a stellar birthday!

A Birthday Surprise!

Blaine recently surprised me over my birthday weekend and took me on a fun little adventure up to Mesa Falls. Mesa Falls is about between Rexburg and Island Park. We spent the day among the beautiful fall colored leaves, and had a most wonderful time! Blaine is so cute! He knows I love surprises, and he made the day soooo special! I feel so lucky to spend each day with my best friend ever!

Above: The view from the Lower falls

Above: Blaine packed the yummiest picnic lunch with my favorite childhoold field trip treats...fruit snacks and little mini cans of kiwi strawberry shasta!

Above: Blaine hiking down to the Upper Falls

Above: A very scenic Baby Bump picture from the Upper Falls lookout :)

Above: The view from the Top! This very spot is featured in Jack Weyland's book, Lean on Me. (If you remember this is where Amber drops the engagement ring over the falls!)

So Silly!

So recently, I bought a shower cap so that I could shower and not get my hair wet. I haven't worn a shower cap for about 10 years, and when I put it on, I couldn't help but make this face to go along with it!

Thank you Luke and Jessica!

This is a little Thank you shout out for our friends Luke and Jessica! Thank you Luke and Jessica for setting Blaine and I up 2 years ago! We owe them a lot for this! They are still our bestest friends! Here are some pictures of a date we did with them not too long ago!

This is Jessica, a.k.a. Me! We keep finding all these things that are identical with both of us! She is my not so long lost identical twin from anotha' motha'!

Luke, Jessica, and Baby Lincoln! Aren't they soooo cute?!

I Love Fall!

Fall is my favorite season! It is the most romantic time of year! I have always loved fall, but I love it even more because it is the time I fell in love with my Blaine!

Every time I walk by the Snow building on campus by these trees, I go back in my mind to the nights when I first met Blaine and he would walk me home from campus.

Go back two years from the very night that this picture was taken. Blaine randomly showed up at my Snowview Apartment and asked me to accompany him to an intramural football game. It was here when he pulled the line, "I think I found someone I want to spend my spare time with this semester!" I pretended I didn't hear him, because I wasn't sure I heard him right! I am glad I did hear him right! This is the field we watched the game on!

Carmel apples are one of our favorite things to eat in the fall!

For one of our dates a few weeks ago, we found pomegranites on sale for $.20! That's right! 20 cents! Blaine hadn't had one in a long time, so we got one to try!

As you can see, it doesn't take us very long to finish the carmel apples! This is what was left of the one that I was holding above!

A Baby First

Today when I was sitting in the Math Building after my morning class, I looked down right when our baby was kicking and I could see it poke my tummy out. It was really fun, and Blaine got to see it too! I have been so excited for this, and it happened today! Just thought I would let you all know the exciting news!

The September Baby Bump

Yesterday we went to our 20 week ultrasound. I am 1 day away from being 21 weeks. We could have found out what we were having, but we want to have it be a surprise! We got some fun pictures that I will post soon of little B-Murr! Some fun baby facts are listed below! Also below is the baby bump that is clearly now a Baby bump! Yay! I have just felt like I was chubby for a little while, not fitting into any of my clothes, but I think now it looks like I am pregnant!
Some fun facts about B-Murr:
  • B-Murr is now about a pound big! Think of a package of butter, yep that's Baby Murray!
  • B-Murr is all healthy, as far as we know. I didn't know this, but ultrasounds can tell so much about the baby. If they can see the stomach filling up on the ultrasound, then they know the baby can swallow. If they can see the bladder, then they know the kidneys are working. B-Murr's were working just fine. It was really neat to see all the little parts of the brain and organs in our little B-Murr.

Some Exciting News!

We have some exciting news for all of you! The pictures below show the details! We are so excited!

Isn't our little B-Murr Cute? We're calling our Baby B-Murr for short...(Baby Murray.)
Better pictures will be coming after tomorrow and we have another ultra-sound.

This is the first pregnant picture I ever took...back in May.

The June Belly!

The August Belly!

This is one of those awkward school dance poses that I always hated!
But now it's legit because I am pregnant.
Here are a few fun facts about little B-Murr...
  • Little B-Murr is due on January 20, 2010, which makes me 20 weeks along. It is crazy to think our Baby is coming in 20 weeks.
  • We want it to be a surprise what the gender is, so we aren't going to find out.
  • We are going to have a little guessing contest on the gender...winners will get prizes. Cast your vote today!
  • I used to get hiccups all the time with B-Murr. It's not as much anymore, but I used to get them 4-5 times a day.
  • Our little B-Murr is a kicker for sure. Blaine and I have so much fun feeling our little Baby kick and punch!
  • I get really car sick now. For those of you who know Blaine, this fact scares me. Does this mean we are going to have a house full of car-sick kids? Oh well. I guess if we do, we can take little 15 minute vacations away from home.

Stay tuned for more funny facts and Baby Murray details!

Utah Trip!

This trip to Utah was almost a month ago, but I wanted to post some pics from the Utah adventure Blaine and I had with my family. It was filled with a hiking adventure to Ensign Peak, A Mad Tennis Match, Hanging out with Emmie and the fam, and a Photo Shoot. Here are some of my favorite pictures below! At the top of Ensign Peak with my sweetie!
Ensign Peak is where Brigham Young first went to look out over the Great Salt Lake Valley. This picture shows the cool view of the city.

The Mad Tennis Match!

Blaine and Emmie making music on the piano!

Isn't he the handsomest man ever?

My sisters and I

Papa King and his girls

More sister pics

Justin, Katie, and Emmeline