September 2015

I love my little kids.  I love the funny things they say.  I love how they laugh so freely and love so graciously.  I hope I can be more like a little child someday!

This past week, Hyrum scraped his leg and it started bleeding.  Hyrum was crying and when Afton saw it she started crying too.  She kept saying, "Hyrum got an ouchie, and it is bleeding.  Don't put a band-aid on it!"  She does not like band-aids and was so worried we would put one on Hyrum.  It was a true form of empathy to see how sad she was.  She has such a tender little heart.  She was more worried about Hyrum's ouchie than he was.  As the week went on, Hyrum got more scrapes and bruises.  Each time he would fall down, even though I could tell he was on the verge of tears, he would couragiously say to Afton, "Don't worry, it's just a little scrape!  It will get better!"  Afton's worried little face would look a little less worried after he would say that.  It touched my heart to see how much they love eachother.  Sometimes I forget that even though they fight over toys, scream at eachother, and push and hit eachother, that they have such a tender little relationship.

Hyrum has such a fun sense of humor.  Two of my favorite quotes that he has said lately:

  • "What is that?" Afton asks as she points to Dad's razor.  Hyrum: "It is the thing that Dad uses to wipe the whip cream off of his face!" 
  • Hyrum was bawling as he came up to me tonight.  When I asked him what was wrong, he proceded to tell me that "Afton is playing with my plane that is all rectangulared up.  She won't let me un-rectangle it." *rectangled means tangled
 I know that sometimes I get so frazzled when all 3 kids are crying when we are trying to get out the door.  Or when they are screaming and throwing tantrums when I am making dinner and we are all hungry and my ears are ringing.  But I often have the thought that I am going to miss these days with having them be little.  I know these days are going way too fast and I need to cherish them.  I am so grateful that I have 3 little ones.  I am glad that Heavenly Father has let them come to my care.  I feel honored and so glad to be their mama.  I am glad they aren't so far a part and that it hasn't been a struggle to have babies.  I know many friends who have a hard time with fertility and my heart feels for them.  I feel so lucky to have these 3 babies in my life.  If they are the only babies that Heavenly Father lets me have I will be ever grateful for the great blessing to be their mama :)

Benson's Blessing Day

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I am exhausted from such a perfect, wonderful day.  It is days like today that I just don't want to ever come to an end.

Today was the day that my sweet Benson received his name and a special priesthood blessing from his daddy.  What a wonderful day it was!

Blaine's mother made him the most handsome little baby outfit (a little white collared shirt, a pin stripe vest and pin stripe shorts with little baby blue accents of buttons, a handkerchief and tie).  I love that Benson will always have this special outfit made by his grandma.

Benson's great aunt Kathy made him the most beautiful baby blue blanket.  This is also something that will always be so special for him to have.

Our family from Utah came into town on Saturday.  We got to have them stay in the empty apartment right below ours, which was such a blessing.

Blaine and I had been praying to know what Heavenly Father would have Benson receive today.  The blessing Blaine gave him was so calm, and I loved the unique blessings just for Benson which included:
  •  How grateful we were that he chose to come to Earth at this time and follow Heavenly Father's plan in heaven.  Also, that Benson could rely on help from Heavenly Father because of that choice
  • Continue to choose the right throughout his life
  • Love the commandments; to gain an understanding of the eternal benefit of being obedient
  • Have a love for the temple
  • Desire to study the scriptures and find power in the words to guide his life
  • Be mindful of the obligation you have to bless others with his healthy mind and body
  • Seek spirits guidance and lead family in His light
At the end of the blessing, Blaine's dad commented how Benson was just gazing up at Blaine.  What a special thing for Benson to be named after Blaine, one of my heroes, and my eternal sweetheart.

After Blaine gave Benson the blessing, Blaine and I just cried as Blaine held our sweet Benson in his arms.  It seemed as if the world seemed to hold still for just a moment as we sang the sacrament hymn and looked at our sweet baby boy.  Benson has such a sweet, valiant spirit.  I love that little boy!  It is moments like these that make everything worth it.   

I felt so spoiled to have all the family that we love be with us at church and then afterwards for a luncheon.  I just loved visiting with all of our friends and family, and watching people love on Benson and spend time together over great food.

It is 9:30 p.m. now and since we only got less than 4 hours of sleep last night, we are exhausted!  Blaine, Hyrum, Afton and I were all a bit grumpy tonight and everyone is in bed but me.  But I couldn't let the day end without documenting this perfect day.

Miracles that happened today:  I found my earring that I lost after saying a prayer to find it.  Also, tonight when I went to go and clean up the apartment that we used after my kiddos and Blaine were in bed, I walked in and all the tables and chairs were put away and everything was tidied up....thanks to Shayne and MaryAnn, our neighbors and true friends.  I could have cried, I felt so grateful that I didn't have to clean much up.  I marched over to their house to give them a hug and tell them thank you.  It is moments like this that I know that Heavenly Father sends earthly angels to watch over us.