Twin Falls Vacation

March 2015

Because we have a new baby coming in July, I figured that we probably wouldn't get to do an overnight vacation during the summertime.  So we took a semi-local vacation to Twin Falls.  We had never been there and had heard fun things about it.  We had so much fun on our 3-day trip.  It really reminded me how lucky I am to have my sweet little family.

This could have been one of the favorite parts of our trip...riding on one of these babies to get our stuff up to our room on the 3rd floor...

By the Twin Falls temple

Twin Falls temple family snapshot...we met the nicest couple who we got to know a little bit

Perhaps my favorite...okay it was my favorite part of the trip was our spontaneous star-gazing by the temple.  All 4 and a half of us laying under the stars together in the cool but warm fun

No water yet at Shoshone Falls, but still cool to see

Little hike up Shoshone Falls trail

By the Perrine Bridge...we actually saw 4 parachuters jump off this bridge in a half hour.  This is one of the only places in the world where it is legal and you don't have to have a permit

The thing that Afton said she wanted to go do was to "Swing" so we found a park and had a blast.  Love the smiles and laughter from all of us this day

Beautiful tulips blooming by the temple