Making Cider

October 2013

Picture this:  The perfect fall day.  Sun is shining.  Cool breeze blowing.  Early afternoon.  Leaves falling from the trees outside.  Driving in my van to run a couple errands while the Blaine is watching the babies while they sleep.  See my good friend Dean out in his front yard making cider again.  That delicious, wonderful, homemade cider that I crave all year long.  He invites me to come and watch the process. Quickly drive home and as soon as my babies are awake, the four of us head to Dean's house.  Hyrum rides his trike over there.  The trike he is in love with.  We get to Dean's, the magic begins.  Take a journey on our cider making tour with us.

Step 1: The apples are soaked in a large old washer full of an apple cider vinegar/water solution.

This guy is seriously so cool!

Step 2:  The apples are then placed into what we will affectionately call "The apple-nater" a.k.a. "The Apple Chomper" or "The Apple Dapple" or "The Apple Crusher."  Take your pick :)

My dreamy Blaine was loving this!

Afton was enjoying the process from her stroller.

Step 3: After the apples pass through the "Apple Dapple" they land in a net inside a wood barrel.

Step 4: Dean screws on press to barrel and uses muscles to press apples within an inch of their life.

Step 5: Juice then rides down what Hyrum called "The Juice slide" into a large metal bowl.

Step 6:  Apple Cider is placed in large cooking apparatus and is pasteurized at 160 degrees.

Step 7: Apple remains are collected from the barrel and are then fed to the turkeys pictured below.

Dean raises turkeys and says feeding them the apple remains makes them sweeter to the taste on Thanksgiving.

Fresh pressed apple cider is one more reason why Fall is the best time of year.  Yum!

Park Date in Malad

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My sister was in town from NYC.  So we met half way and had a picnic park date in Malad, Idaho.  I had no idea Malad was so charming.  The fall leaves and the great company made for a day of great photos and memories.  It was so fun to catch up with my sista and my darling nephew Huds.  I loved seeing the  cousins play together and watching Afton try to eat all the leaves in the Malad City park!

Adventures of a 2 (almost 3) year old little boy

November 2013

I am in love with this little boy that lives at our house.  Today just reminded me how much fun I have with him and how much he melts my heart.

Here are some of my favorite quotes that came from Hyrum's mouth today:

"Afton...she's a cute little girl.  I am a little boy, because I have a runny nose!"

"Is this long enough?" (Speaking of the toilet paper he got to blow his nose.)

We are trying to teach Hyrum to wipe his nose with a tissue.  As you can see from this picture, we haven't quite mastered it yet.  Blaine....skip this next photo :)

"I just bit my tongue and got an ouchie.  Dad, kiss it better!" Then Hyrum sticks out his tongue wanting Dad to kiss it.

"This is fun!" Spoken to me while we were snuggling in his toddler bed together before he went to sleep.  Did you know that you can fit a toddler and a mom on a toddler bed?  I didn't until Hyrum asked me to snuggle with him last week.

I love that my little guy wants to wear his "Tigger" costume to Walmart and loves to dip his food in sauces, and is so silly.  He makes my day every day.  It's days like this that make me realize that I am living my dream, and my dream is so good.  Having a toddler is so much fun!