Visit from Papa Dave

Monday, January 19, 2015

This past weekend we got to have our Papa Dave up for the weekend.  The weekend memories consisted of snowshoeing at Harriman State Park, visiting and old hometeacher who now lives in Island Park, having a Curious George movie party, having a second cousin and his roommates over for dinner, and shopping at our favorite store for quilting fabric.  Papa Dave makes all the grandkids beautiful minkee quilts, and Afton got hers this weekend.  We love our Papa Dave!

December Moments

January 20, 2015

Happy New Year!  This year is going to be so exciting!  Before we focus too much on the New Year, I want to wrap up the old with little tidbits of our life from December.

Mountain River Ranch sleigh rides, hot chocolate, and Christmas scenes

What I frequently saw after breakfast in the morning...horsey Hyrum pulling Afton in the laundry basket.  Love how creative these two are!

Decorating the Christmas tree tradition, complete with homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. This is the first year we have had white lights on the magical :)

Dairy Queen Date with H.  He has been asking for months and we finally did it.  So much fun to soak in Hyrum and get to know his fun little personality more.  He was such a gentleman.  Got my door and chair for me.  "We have a good dadda" is what H always says and he is right.  Blaine has taught him well. 

above: Hyrum took this picture of me.  He is becoming quite the photographer.  He practices a lot with our cheap little camera.

Our 6th Anniversary.  I feel so old!  6 years!  I though only old people had been married for 6 years!  It was definitely the most eventful anniversary we have had so far...complete with calling 9-1-1 for a guy that was laying on the side of the road by the Idaho Falls Temple, throwing up on our drive home (pregnancy sickness), eating our romantic dinner with our hands because we forgot silverware, and eating dinner and dessert in the apartment building we had our first date in...Viking Village #203 (thanks Blaine for arranging something so sentimental.)  This anniversary reminded me that I really am the luckiest :)

Christmas Eve craft with H

Christmas Eve dinner, a.k.a. Jesus' birthday dinner, complete with starkiss popsicles from Dairy Queen, representing that new star that shone on the night that Jesus was born.

Christmas Eve...Santa brought Afton a baby doll stroller and I gave Afton one of my favorite childhood dolls cleaned up in a cute newborn dress that we found at Fred Meyer.

Blaine crocheted me a head wrap and H a hat.  This boy that is my husband is so darn cute!

H got a fireman costume for Christmas.  I feel so much safer having a fireman live at our house now!  He wears it everywhere, and I just love that.  He is only a little boy for a little while :)

Afton loves her dolly and stroller.  She frequently takes it on walks outside in the snow :)

Snow fun with our new sled we got with Christmas money from Gramma Sherri.

Fun with our new Melon colored Kitchen Aid mixer we got from Papa Dave...can I say I am in love?  This thing makes baking and cleaning up from baking a dream! :) 

German Pancakes is the first creation from our Kitchen Aid Mixer.  We love to have these for a quick dinner topped with applesauce.

Dear Baby...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dear Sweet Baby,

Just two months ago, I found out that you would be coming to join our family in July.  We were and still are so excited for another little miracle to come to our home.  I can't wait to hold you and kiss you and smell your sweet newborn breath.  I can't wait to bathe you and cover you in Baby Magic and fall asleep with you in my arms on the couch.

Our life has been a bit crazy lately.  In November and the first part of December, I felt really sick.  I didn't know what to do...this is a new feeling.  I have never really gotten sick when I have been pregnant.  That month, our house kind of fell apart with laundry and toys EVERYWHERE.  I took lots of naps.  We didn't get out of the house much.  Our lunch and dinner menu consisted of three items....$5 pizza from Little Caesar's, cheesey quesadillas dipped in salsa or pizza sauce, and grilled cheese dipped in pizza sauce.  I laugh now about it...then it kind of stressed me out to think of the lack of nutrition in our house.  But we all lived, and now it just seems like it was such a short time that we were eating only that.

You know what? Even though I have felt really sick, and our house has been in shambles, I wouldn't give it up for one minute, because I know you are coming.  You are worth this and so much more!

I love you little Baby.  Can't wait to meet you.  Right now I have a hunch you could be a boy, but I am always wrong with our you are probably a girl.  Either way, I am so excited!  Can't wait until that warm July day when I get to meet you for the first time here on Earth.

Love, Mommy

P.S.  We told your brother Hyrum and Afton that you were coming and they both screamed!  They are so excited and give my tummy kisses every night!

P.S.S.  We told our other family that we were expecting you via postcard in the mail from "the five of us"!