Father n' Sons, Mom n' Daughters

May 2017

Blaine took H and B to Father n' Sons.  While they were away I had a picnic dinner and ice cream with A and E, and made crowns with A.  Hyrum was excited to showed me that he could make Saturn out of his frisbee and soccer ball when he got home :)

Eliza's Debut

April 2017

Here is Baby E at 1 week and 3 weeks give or take a few days!  Enjoy :)

1 week old

3 weeks (Photoshoot right before we pulled out of town to move)

Goodbye Idaho, Hello Utah

April 2017

We said goodbye to Idaho, Hello to Utah as we moved down here for Eliza's 3 and 1/2 week birthday!  Here's to new adventures and Dad and us following our dreams.  PTA school is gonna rock!

Things I will miss about Idaho

Our cute house in Idaho.  This was the first time I really got to decorate a cute place of my own

Idaho Sunsets 

Going out and riding bikes in our front yard.  Having neighbors across the street to chat and play with when we went outside.

Being so close to so many amazing places, like Harriman State Park, Mesa Falls, Island Park and Yellowstone.

Reed's Dairy Ice Cream.  It is my all. time. favorite. Period!  Do you know they ship it all across the U.S.? Believe me we have thought about it.  My cute friend Brooke sent us with some and we found a way to keep it frozen and bring it to Utah with us!

All the sweet memories like this in our old house.  We were only there for a year.  Just a few weeks before we found out about the PTA Program, I thought "Our house finally feels like home".  I should have knocked on wood right then.  Moving there was so good for us.  It taught me that you can make any place feel like home, and you can make good friends wherever you go.

Living by my in-laws.  Especially by this amazing women.  I always prayed as a teenager to marry a man who had a good mom.  My prayers were answered.  I got the best husband and the best mom! I especially love the times that I get to have her around after I have a baby.  Such sweet, special, sacred time with her!  After Eliza was born, she brought a few grocery sacks full of paper goods over so that I wouldn't have to do dishes for a while.  She is so thoughtful.  She came and had a few sleepovers at our house and snuggled Baby E all night long so I could get some rest.  She is an angel.  Really!

Again...the sweet memories of my family of 5 in this place.

Our good friends...from Rexburg and Idaho Falls.  After we had Eliza, we only cooked 2 meals in 3 and 1/2 weeks!  Our friends and family packed up our house for us and cleaned.  There were angels all around us.  I can't believe I am so lucky to have so many great friends and family!

Our homeschool friends!  Meet Ariel and her family!  Heavenly Father placed her in my life to teach me so many important things.  We had many fun adventures together.

Things we are excited about in Utah

Our New House

Utah Sunsets and The Majestic Mountains

Having a reservoir and many parks near our house!  Bring on the adventuring and picnics!

Watching my little kiddos grow up and learn new things.  I hope I can be content and enjoy each stage I am in.  I am learning (after having 4 kids) that time just goes by soooooooo fast!