Delightful Fufu!

Tuesday June 28, 2010 was two whole years since I finished my mission in Ghana and returned to the United States. I decided to commemorate this day by making some real Ghana fufu, or at least as real as I can make it here. Kristin was a trooper and tried it with me and loved it enough that we had it again the next night! Just in case Justin is missing Ghana, he should know that we can hook him up with some pretty good imitation fufu and light soup!! Welcome back Justin!

Just so you know we don't eat AJAX soap. In Ghana when you eat at someone's house they bring out a bowl of water and soap to wash your hands before you eat. I was going for the real experience to truly commemorate Ghana.

Father's Day Weekend

On Father's Day, I got to be some of the men I love the very most! There is my Blaine, who is the best husband, and will be the best dad. Then there's my dad, who is the best Papabonjio! It was so fun to see my Grandpa Max. He is such a stellar grandpa!

We love Afton!

When we went to Utah, we got to visit with one of our favorite friends, Afton. She lives in my growing-up neighborhood. We got to go out to lunch with her and cruise the town in her spiffy car! (Notice the license plate!) This is one spunky, sassy, wonderful lady!

Blaine's Birthday!

This post is a long time in comin', but these are some pictures from Blaine's Birthday last month. Happy Birthday Blaine!