October Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

In the past, we have always bought our pumpkins from the grocery store.  I didn't realize how boring that was until this year, when we experienced the pumpkin patch.  The whole thing was an experience.  The sunset.  Walking through the rows.  Pulling the wagon.  Finding the perfect pumpkin.  Putting your perfect pumpkin back because you found an even better "perfect pumpkin."  The kids loved it.  It was so much fun. I don't think we will ever again buy pumpkins from the store if we can help it.

October Bucket List: Sugar Cookies

I love October.  The leaves, my birthday, the smell of Autumn, Halloween.  It is such a great month.

We created a bucketlist for the month of October to make sure we got our favorite things in.

One of my favorite memories from my growing up years is decorating sugar cookies with my family. This year it was so fun to decorate them with my own kiddos and the neighbor boys.  Here are some pics of our fun time decorating sugar cookies.  I should have taken a picture of how messy our house got...that is the keepin' it real moment.  Totally and 100% worth it though for the experience.

Perks of Being Sick

October 2014

Afton was sick for almost a month off and on.  The doctors couldn't tell what she had.  While being sick is not fun, there is one thing that I absolutely love when I have sick babies, and that is....snuggle time!

Afton and I got to snuggle for a few nights together.  Even though I would wake up about a gazillion times during the night, I got to look over and see her cute little face pressed up against mine.

I love these sweet moments that come with sickness.  She isn't going to be little like this forever!

 P.S.  Afton is doing much better now.  She has now had 3 weeks now without throwing up and keeping food down.  Yay!  But sad we are going to have less snuggle time!