A Baby First

Today when I was sitting in the Math Building after my morning class, I looked down right when our baby was kicking and I could see it poke my tummy out. It was really fun, and Blaine got to see it too! I have been so excited for this, and it happened today! Just thought I would let you all know the exciting news!

The September Baby Bump

Yesterday we went to our 20 week ultrasound. I am 1 day away from being 21 weeks. We could have found out what we were having, but we want to have it be a surprise! We got some fun pictures that I will post soon of little B-Murr! Some fun baby facts are listed below! Also below is the baby bump that is clearly now a Baby bump! Yay! I have just felt like I was chubby for a little while, not fitting into any of my clothes, but I think now it looks like I am pregnant!
Some fun facts about B-Murr:
  • B-Murr is now about a pound big! Think of a package of butter, yep that's Baby Murray!
  • B-Murr is all healthy, as far as we know. I didn't know this, but ultrasounds can tell so much about the baby. If they can see the stomach filling up on the ultrasound, then they know the baby can swallow. If they can see the bladder, then they know the kidneys are working. B-Murr's were working just fine. It was really neat to see all the little parts of the brain and organs in our little B-Murr.

Some Exciting News!

We have some exciting news for all of you! The pictures below show the details! We are so excited!

Isn't our little B-Murr Cute? We're calling our Baby B-Murr for short...(Baby Murray.)
Better pictures will be coming after tomorrow and we have another ultra-sound.

This is the first pregnant picture I ever took...back in May.

The June Belly!

The August Belly!

This is one of those awkward school dance poses that I always hated!
But now it's legit because I am pregnant.
Here are a few fun facts about little B-Murr...
  • Little B-Murr is due on January 20, 2010, which makes me 20 weeks along. It is crazy to think our Baby is coming in 20 weeks.
  • We want it to be a surprise what the gender is, so we aren't going to find out.
  • We are going to have a little guessing contest on the gender...winners will get prizes. Cast your vote today!
  • I used to get hiccups all the time with B-Murr. It's not as much anymore, but I used to get them 4-5 times a day.
  • Our little B-Murr is a kicker for sure. Blaine and I have so much fun feeling our little Baby kick and punch!
  • I get really car sick now. For those of you who know Blaine, this fact scares me. Does this mean we are going to have a house full of car-sick kids? Oh well. I guess if we do, we can take little 15 minute vacations away from home.

Stay tuned for more funny facts and Baby Murray details!

Utah Trip!

This trip to Utah was almost a month ago, but I wanted to post some pics from the Utah adventure Blaine and I had with my family. It was filled with a hiking adventure to Ensign Peak, A Mad Tennis Match, Hanging out with Emmie and the fam, and a Photo Shoot. Here are some of my favorite pictures below! At the top of Ensign Peak with my sweetie!
Ensign Peak is where Brigham Young first went to look out over the Great Salt Lake Valley. This picture shows the cool view of the city.

The Mad Tennis Match!

Blaine and Emmie making music on the piano!

Isn't he the handsomest man ever?

My sisters and I

Papa King and his girls

More sister pics

Justin, Katie, and Emmeline