Funny Hyrum

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hyrum has said the most hilarious things lately!  Thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes with you!

  • "That's funny!  Dad is doing bishops!" (Apparently bishops are pushups!)
  • "1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9! 9 trains!"  (Love the way this boys counts!  It is different every time!
  • "Momma, tell me a story about Grandma Marilyn's wiggle!" (Wiggle means wig.  We got in the habit of telling potty time stories to get him to sit on the potty.  I told him one about when my mom's wig went up in a frizzy afro when she was gettting something out of a hot oven and he loves that story.)
  • "That's funny!  Her ears are hiding behind her beard!"  (Speaking about Laura Ingall's in Little House on the Prairie!  We figure he doesn't see people with beards or braids very much around here, so to him they are the same!"
  • When asked what he was doing sneaking in the treat bag, he responded, "Oh I am just looking for potato bugs!" (HA ha ha!)

 Hyrum sure keeps us laughing!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Tonight Blaine graduated from BYU-Idaho with his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology.  It was such a special night.

I know this is funny, but graduations make me so emotional.  Something about hearing "Pomp and Circumstance" gets my eyes watering like none other.  I reminisced so much as the night went on about the memories and blessings that have been a part of our life as we have been in Rexburg, which are countless.  I thought about the sacrifice that Blaine has made to finish school and be a wonderful husband and father in the mean time.

It was special to have our families with us.  I thought about the sacrifice of our parents to help us receive educations, and I thought about how I hope that Hyrum and Afton have the same opportunity and blessing to get a great education.

As I listened to the music and saw the graduates walk in, I thought about all the professors, ward members, friends and neighbors that have touched our life in so many ways.

Hats off to Blaine for this day!  And Hats off to everyone that has helped us get here!  Thank you!

Let's Go Fly a Kite {2 years later}

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After a few days of having a sick bug at our house, we needed to get out.  The wind was blowing outside so we decided on kite flying.

As we got to the park, we tried to fly the kite, but it was just too windy!  The kite would get up in the air, but the fierce wind would make it come barreling down.  Blaine and I decided it just was not safe to have a kite plummeting down towards our babies.

So we resorted to other things.  Afton found a pile of dirt and sat down and started playing in it.  Almost immediately I had a flash back to 2 years ago, when we took Hyrum (who at that time was the same age Afton is now) to fly a kite.  As I stared at Afton, and thought back to the way Hyrum looked, I saw so many similarities.  People are always telling me how similar they look, yet sometimes, (I think because I see all the little details of them), I can't see that they look alike.

But tonight I saw it.  Here is a photo of 2 years ago and tonight.  Enjoy!



Love the way this little girl sports this coat!  She is adorable in anything, but there is something about the floofy, frilly things on her that just make me smile!

Similarities Between Hyrum and Afton:  Both like to play in the dirt at this age, their eyes, the way they look off in the distance at things, their cheeks

Differences Between Hyrum and Afton:  Their noses, their hands, their eyebrows

Bucket List Items

Winter 2014

So I kind of have this running bucket list in my head.  I have written some of the items down, but mostly I just have this mental list I keep and then when the opportunity arises, I check some of them off.

This winter, I have checked off 3 of my bucket list items which are the following:

1) Be a fitness instructor.  Last semester I started going to cycling classes a lot.  I tried out in January to be a teacher on campus and so I have been teaching a Cycling class at BYU-Idaho on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I have found out that it is a new passion of mine!  So sad that it is almost over. I think I will definitely keep it up throughout my life.  Cycling is such a fun way to workout!

2) Cut my hair off to my chin.  For the past ten years, every time I am on the way to get my haircut I think to myself, "Is this the haircut where my hair will be to my chin?"  And then, I, or the hairstylist usually talks myself out of it.  I have been so scared to do it.  Not sure where I found the courage, but I just realized that hair indeed will grow back, and if I hated short hair, I never had to have it again.  I decided to get it out of my system. But it has been a fun change.  Not sure I will always have short hair, but definitely think I will do it again.

3) Do a mini-triathlon.  In February, they hosted a mini-triathlon on campus.  Blaine and I both participated in different rounds so that we could still take care of our kids.  We swam 300 meters, biked 6 miles, and ran 1.5 miles.  It was fun to have the variety in a race, and overall it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I wasn't as sore as I usually get after other races, and I think it is because it was an all-around body workout, working many different muscle groups.  We will definitely do it again!

I was so happy to have a number on my arm!  The race felt legit!

 One of my cycling buddies did the race with me!

 Blaine has become so much better at swimming this semester, thanks to a swim class and lots of hard work!  I was so proud of him when I saw him swimming in the pool!  Way to go Blaine!


Doing these things, I have recently thought about all the things I might be missing out on in life that I just don't even know about yet.  I feel the "adventure bug" starting to bite me!  I am excited to try a lot of other new things!