To The Love of My Life...

Dear Blaine,
   Today, December 20th, 2011, I have been married 3 years to you, my sweetie!  I appreciate so many things about you.  One thing that especially sticks out in my mind is this:  You helps my dreams come true!  I have always dreamed about being a great performer and playing on a large grand piano in a black dress. Well, yesterday, even though I wasn't wearing a black dress, and I wasn't the only performer, my dream came true.  I had to practice a lot, and you were always happy to watch Hyrum and help me find time to practice.  This is just one of a million times that you have helped me to go for my dreams.  I pray I can do the same for you!
   Happy Anniversary my love!  I am glad we have eternity together.
          -Your Martha Mae:)