Catching up on Life

Monday, June 29, 2015

I haven't blogged for a long time.  It feels as though life has been a whirlwind these past few months...a good whirlwind, but none-the-less a whirlwind.  Here are some photos that capture what we have been up to lately....

We were paid a visit from some of our most favorite people in the world who live in California...

My kiddos are growing up so fast in fact.  I love the funny little things they do.  I love that Hyrum is always wearing some kind of hat, or helmet or goggles, or costume.  I love that Afton is a little shoe girl...she loves to try on shoes everywhere we go.

  We got to go on a little get-a-way just the two of us to Park City then to Midway while my sister watched our kids overnight.

It has been un-characteristically warm for Idaho.  So warm that we had to go invest in a little sprinkler and Otter pops in April.  That is how we survive the hot days :)

Our ward put together a little T-ball league.  Hyrum has loved it!  He has been learning to bat, and catch.  I love to see the dads out there every week helping everyone learn and have a fun time.  This was the perfect, low-key way to get Hyrum excited to play sports and learn.

This little girl loves to play on the swings each week during the T-ball games :)

There are so many funny moments each week at T-ball.  Kids running bases the wrong direction, all diving for the ball at the same time, kids climbing fences and wearing fun!  I laugh so hard watching all these things take place :)

I love that the jersey on this boy is down to his knees :)  Isn't he such a handsome little dude?

We got to go fishing at a nearby pond.  It was the perfect day...sitting in the sun, feeling the breeze, having the kids play in the mud...we were all in heaven and we even caught a couple little fish.

We celebrated Blaine's 28th Birthday with Peanut Butter caramel chocolate chip bars...yum!  I can't believe my honey and I are 28 this year!  Boy how time flies!

Meanwhile, I have been growing this little baby.  This is me at 36 weeks.  This is the only pregnancy where I have been anxious for him/her to come early.  Maybe because of the heat, but mostly because I am just so darn excited to meet them :)  I have also been teaching 2 math classes at BYU-Idaho this Spring.  It has been mostly really fun...challenging...yes, but overall such a blessing.  This has helped me realize that I love being a morning long as I can get some good sleep :)

We got to go camping with Papa Dave to Buttermilk Reservoir.  It was such a fun little get-a-way.  The kids had so much fun digging in the dirt.  We floated down Big Springs and fed the huge trout at the top with little pieces of smushed bread.  We had a picnic in the woods.  We saw the sunset...I love camping!

My little family and I got to meet my best friend from growing up.  It was fun to have them get to know her...I just love Ali Marie and now they know they do too :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am going to try to start writing a "gratitude journal" 5 days a week.  This is a little embarrassing, but it has been so long since I have actually written in my journal that I didn't realize that I don't have one right now.  So that is first on my errand list in the next few days...picking out the perfect journal from Deseret Book.  Until then, I am going to list some things I am grateful for on here.

1)  This semester I have had the opportunity to teach 2 math classes at BYU-Idaho.  It has helped me be more organized and I have had a lot of ideas on how I can tie the things that I am learning there into my mothering and homemaking.

2) I am grateful for how green Rexburg is right now!  With all the rain, it is a beautiful green place right now.

3) I am so grateful for my best friend Blaine.  We really have so much fun together.  There are some nights that we just don't go to sleep because we stay up so late talking and laughing together.  Blaine has been giving me back and leg rubs before bed to help me sleep like a baby....with a baby in my tummy!

4) I love the stages that my kiddos are in right now.  They are just so fun.  I love my little sweetheart Afton.  She is spunky and loves "running uggs" (running hugs).  I love how creative Hyrum is.  He is so good at making airplane noises and is always coming up with some kind of new thing to build with his legos.  He remembers everyones' names and says hi to everyone and loves to knock on our window and wave to all the people that pass by our apartment.

5) I am so excited to have this baby in 6 and a half weeks!  I can't wait to meet them and kiss them and love them.  It is so fun to get ready for them to come.

6) I love our little apartment.  I love that my kiddos are always so close to me.  I love the memories that we have here.

7) I am glad that I get to see my sister Mel and her family tomorrow!