October Baby Belly

Just 3 months and one day til' our little bambino is due to arrive! I feel like the last week and a half I have really popped out! This is me on my birthday, and thanks to my sister Sarah, I have a cute purple fall pregnant lady shirt to wear!

Fun B-Murr Facts of the Day!

  • Our Baby is a kicker! Usually around noon or 1:00 in the afternoon, I will feel our baby get active and I will look down to see my stomack look like a bowl of Jello! My tummy moves all around and you can see our baby kick and punch me!
  • Our baby is able to hear now! Blaine sings to our baby and we like to read little B-Murr stories!

A Very Happy Birthday!

I love Birthdays because I get to chat with so many wonderful friends! Blaine made my birthday so special. He does such a good job to make me feel so special. One thing I love about Blaine is that when it is your birthday, he not only celebrates the day, but the whole weekend before too! Birthdays are the best when you're married to Blaine, and have so many wonderful friends and family!

Above: The night before my birthday, we had a 10/10/10 party with Blaine's family. We celebrated our my birthday and our nephew Hayden's birthday too, (his birthday is the same day as mine.) We made pizza with 10 toppings, sang "Happy Birthday" 10 times, and opened presents. Blaine's family is so festive and fun!

Above: I woke up to a new piece of furniture in our front room! Blaine had set this book shelf up when I was asleep! I must have been tired, because even after him hammering in 42 nails, I still didn't wake up!

Above: Can Blaine get any more cute? I am not sure! He made me a delicious crepe breakfast!

Above: A designer crepe

Above: Blaine made homemade macaroni and cheese and steak for dinner with broccoli and sliced tomatoes on the side. These are all my favorite things!

Above: We made carmel apples instead of cake

Above: I got to make 2 wishes, because the first time we lit the candle, we forgot to get the camera! Double the Birthday wishes! What a stellar birthday!

A Birthday Surprise!

Blaine recently surprised me over my birthday weekend and took me on a fun little adventure up to Mesa Falls. Mesa Falls is about between Rexburg and Island Park. We spent the day among the beautiful fall colored leaves, and had a most wonderful time! Blaine is so cute! He knows I love surprises, and he made the day soooo special! I feel so lucky to spend each day with my best friend ever!

Above: The view from the Lower falls

Above: Blaine packed the yummiest picnic lunch with my favorite childhoold field trip treats...fruit snacks and little mini cans of kiwi strawberry shasta!

Above: Blaine hiking down to the Upper Falls

Above: A very scenic Baby Bump picture from the Upper Falls lookout :)

Above: The view from the Top! This very spot is featured in Jack Weyland's book, Lean on Me. (If you remember this is where Amber drops the engagement ring over the falls!)

So Silly!

So recently, I bought a shower cap so that I could shower and not get my hair wet. I haven't worn a shower cap for about 10 years, and when I put it on, I couldn't help but make this face to go along with it!

Thank you Luke and Jessica!

This is a little Thank you shout out for our friends Luke and Jessica! Thank you Luke and Jessica for setting Blaine and I up 2 years ago! We owe them a lot for this! They are still our bestest friends! Here are some pictures of a date we did with them not too long ago!

This is Jessica, a.k.a. Me! We keep finding all these things that are identical with both of us! She is my not so long lost identical twin from anotha' motha'!

Luke, Jessica, and Baby Lincoln! Aren't they soooo cute?!

I Love Fall!

Fall is my favorite season! It is the most romantic time of year! I have always loved fall, but I love it even more because it is the time I fell in love with my Blaine!

Every time I walk by the Snow building on campus by these trees, I go back in my mind to the nights when I first met Blaine and he would walk me home from campus.

Go back two years from the very night that this picture was taken. Blaine randomly showed up at my Snowview Apartment and asked me to accompany him to an intramural football game. It was here when he pulled the line, "I think I found someone I want to spend my spare time with this semester!" I pretended I didn't hear him, because I wasn't sure I heard him right! I am glad I did hear him right! This is the field we watched the game on!

Carmel apples are one of our favorite things to eat in the fall!

For one of our dates a few weeks ago, we found pomegranites on sale for $.20! That's right! 20 cents! Blaine hadn't had one in a long time, so we got one to try!

As you can see, it doesn't take us very long to finish the carmel apples! This is what was left of the one that I was holding above!