It's Autumn Time...

September 2013

Goodbye 5:30 A.M. sunrises...
Hello 5:30 P.M. sunsets.

Goodbye playing in the sprinklers...
Hello playing in the leaves.

Goodbye watermelon and corn on the cob...
Hello soupbowls and pumpkin pie.

Goodbye Summer...
Hello Autumn.

The Most Beautiful Place

August 2013

Over the break between the semesters, we have been enjoying our walks around the town.  One of our favorite places to walk to/around is the Rexburg, Idaho, L.D.S. Temple.  We love it's beauty and splendor.  I love seeing Hyrum gaze upon it.  I love the memories I have of my wedding day in this elegant place with my sweetheart Blaine

I have had a little more time lately, so I have enjoyed photo shoots by day and by night of this "Most Beautiful Place"!



This is the reflection of the temple from the building we used to attend church in when we were in the married student ward.

I just had to take these snapshots by Brigham Young University Idaho because I was right there.