December 2013

This post has nothing to do with the movie that everyone here in Rexburg is raging about.  In fact, it has nothing to do with movies but everything to do with the beautiful effect of the FROZEN water on the landscape outside.

We have had freezing rain the last few days, which is not good for safety in getting around, but is great for beautiful photo shoots.

Tonight, we went for a drive around Rexburg and took snapshots of the landscape.  Here are a few favorites.

 Dancing in our new favorite spot in Rexburg

 Sunset Kiss

 Aren't the sunsets in Rexburg just stellar?  And speaking of stellar, there's a pic below of the most stellar man ever....

 What a happy evening!  I am loving this FROZEN weather because I get to put all my cute scarves to use!

Ugly Sweater Ward Party

December 2013

After tonight's Christmas party with our ward, I have new friends and I feel much more unified with the people that I worship with each Sunday.

The youth planned the Christmas party this year, and it was hands down, the coolest, best ward party that I have EVER been to.

The theme was "Christmas morning". We had breakfast food for dinner and had a ward karaoke sing-a-long.  Each of the age groups learned fun dances or songs for entertainment.  Our ward has enough talented musicians that we had an orchestra perform while we were eating.

My favorite part of the night was that ward members could be seen in ugly sweaters or pajamas.  One lady in my ward wore footed pajamas...yes that's right...the ones that zip up all the way from foot to head...yes one piece footed pajamas.  Such a fun evening of laughing and being with my ward members.

I wore this ugly sweater to the party, compliments of my awesome sister in law Jamie.  The sweater had already won 2 "Ugliest Sweater" contests, so I thought it was a good candidate!

Yes this ugly sweater vest is embellished with tinsel.  And yes, I did wear my hear in a side pony tail to the party.  I didn't want people to look at me and think, "Is that Kristin girl serious?  Is that sweater supposed to be a joke or is it part of her wardrobe?"  The side pony tail took it over the top so people knew that it was an "ugly sweater" and that I acknowledged it was "an ugly sweater"!

Probably the best part of this ugly sweater are the mini stockings hanging from the bottom of it all the way around the back of the vest!

I feel like with this sweater vest, I just had to have a creepy picture like this one of me creeping out from the tree to say, "hello!"

How we will survive the snow....

December 2013

If you haven't collected this from past posts, I will preface this particular post with this fact:  Hyrum is in love with his trike!

Last summer, he would ride his trike at least once a day, sometimes two or three times.  I got nervous with the snow coming that we would have to pack the trike away for the winter and forget it.

I know I was inspired this particular day with an idea, that I know was not my own idea, but that came from a loving Heavenly Father who knows how much my little boy loves his trike.  This Heavenly Father also knows how much he has been missing riding his trike.

We tried to get out his trike and ride through the snow this day, only to find how hard it was for Hyrum's little legs to pedal through the slush and snow.  As I pushed Afton in the stroller, Hyrum continued to get further and further behind.  I looked down and realized the little strap connected to the stroller.  This strap is made to be used when jogging.  You are usually supposed to connect the strap to your wrist.  Then if the stroller gets away from you, your baby doesn't cruise down the hill without you.

Today the idea came, again, not my own idea, to connect the stroller strap to Hyrum's trike handles.  Hyrum quickly seemed pleased with the result and as a mom, I quickly found this brilliant idea to be the source of happiness and comfort, knowing that THIS IS HOW WE WILL SURVIVE WINTER!  Hyrum doesn't have to pack his trike away for the winter.  Instead, as I push the stroller, I can give him a little help with pedaling, and we can still go for strolls up the street, or around the block, or wherever our hearts desire that moment.


The strap is in the perfect spot.  Even though it is between the stroller and Hyrum's trike, it doesn't trip me when I am pushing the stroller.

Afton is happy with the idea too, because this means she gets to go out for walks this winter while her big brother rides his trike!

Our walk this particular day was so fun.  We made our way around the block and enjoyed a beautiful sunset stroll before Blaine got home for dinner.

Today, I am thanking Heavenly Father for his love through little ideas that come to a mother in Rexburg, who needs to get outside with her boy and his trike!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

December 2013

Everything about Christmastime is sooooo magical.  Especially with little kids!

We decided to start a new tradition this year that includes eating homemade cinnamon rolls and sipping hot cocoa while decorating the tree.  After the tree was set up, we had a dance party while watching the reflection of the colored christmas lights on our wall.  What a magical night!

These pictures include some of my favorite moments from tonight:

 I love how carefully Hyrum put up each candy cane!  He is such an observant little boy.  He definitely pays attention to detail.

I love the tradition from Blaine's childhood of hanging candy canes on the tree and sharing them with each guest that comes to visit during the Christmas season!  We adopted that tradition and is so fun!

 Sweet Afton was feeling a bit sleepy during all of this and just wanted her thumb and snuggle time with Daddy!

Hyrum enjoying sips of hot cocoa and homemade cinnamon rolls in between hanging, and I must add snacking, on the candy canes!

  Love seeing Afton touch and study Christmas lights for the first time!

Dance Party to Christmas music for the first time this Christmas season!

Little Glimpses of Sweet Afton

December 2013

These little snapshots do not do justice to what my eyes see and heart feel when I get glimpses like these of Sweet Afton during the day.  The way she uses her long beautiful fingers and cute toes make me smile.  I don't know why I always feel so sentimental around naptime and bedtime each day but I do.  Enjoy a little taste of Sweet Afton at around 10 months old!

 Love that tongue!

This Sweet Afton girl makes my life a whole lot sweeter!

First Snow Playdate

December 2013

(To be sung to the Primary song tune "Oh What do you do in the Summertime?)

"Oh what do you do in the Wintertime?..When Rexburg is Frozen and Cold?  Do you stay all cooped up, and wish away time, and feel yucky, I'll tell you NO!  We play in the SNOW, it's fun ya Know!

Got together with one of my good friends Bethany and her little boy.  Had a great half hour playing in the snow, and breathing the fresh, crisp air.  To end the playdate, she made her husbands' famous chocolate chip cookies.  What could be better than playing outside and then a delicious dessert at the end?!

Thanksgiving Break in Utah

November 2013

Thanksgiving is usually our extended family holiday.  This year, we spent it with my family in Utah. 

We started out Thanksgiving morning with a Turkey bowl game and leisurely jog around the Davis High School track.

It was so fun to get the house all gussied up for dinner.  We pulled out some decorations from my childhood and set the table.  It looked very fancy if I do say so myself.

Then it was family picture time.  We took a large group shot, and our little family got an updated family picture as well.


 Then it was dinner and pie time.  I loved watching Hyrum soak up all the cousin time.  Him and Emme seemed to be eachothers' little sidekicks over the weekend.

On Black Friday, we spent the evening at Temple Square looking at lights.  They were beautiful.  It was cold outside.

 Then on Saturday, we spent the day at this little Christmas village in Ogden.  It was fun to be there with my Dad's family and look at all the little themed shops.

On Sunday, Baby Evelyn was blessed.  She is adorable.  Holding her over the weekend made me miss having a newborn I am not announcing anything.  There is something so special about having a newborn around.  I love baby E!