Driggs trip

August 27, 2015

Benson is six weeks and one day old.  Where has the time gone?  We are still loving having this sweet little newborn at our house.

I am not great at remembering to do things early.  We love to get Bountiful Baskets, but always forget to order them early in the week.  By the time we remembered this week, the only pickup spot was in Driggs, which is an hour away.  To pay for all the gas to get there, we didn't really save any money, but it was fun to make a trip out of it.  WE packed a picnic dinner and played at a local park in Driggs.  Then we had icecream cones and watched the beautiful sunset in the Broulim's parking lot. 

Keeping it real:  We were so hungry, or should I say "hangry" as my friend Bernie calls it, on the drive up there.  Next time I will maybe have us eat part of our dinner on the way up there so we can enjoy the drive a little more!

Hyrum is such a little clown lately.  He keeps us laughing!

Grand Teton, as seen from the Broulim's parking lot.  Driggs is so beautiful!

Bear Lake and Soda Springs

August 2015

We met all of my extended family for a trip to Bear Lake.  We had so much fun at the beach, playing games around the house, napping, and spending time with those we loved.  On the way home from Bear Lake we stopped at Soda Springs and made our own soda pop from Hooper Springs (soda water, cool-aid and sugar)!  It was something we had always wanted to do. 

Keeping it real:  Note to self:  Next time, don't let the kids drink more than one cup of that soda water...letting Afton drink a couple glasses of it resulted in a sick little girl throwing up on the way home. With the throw up incident, an accident on I-15, three potty breaks, and a feeding break for Benson and the rest of us, it took us 6 hours to get home.  We were happy to finally be home, and were grateful Heavenly Father kept us safe on the way home.

Life since Benson joined our family

August 16, 2015

Benson joined our family a month and a day ago.  Life has been good.  Life has seemed a bit tired, and exhausted at times. We have definitely had our good and bad days.  We have all been cheerful, and had our cooped up grumpy moments as well. 

I have learned that with having a 3rd baby, the baby is the easy part.  Afton has definitely struggled.  Hyrum has struggled too.  Tantrums have hit an all time record at our house and there have been a lot of "breaks" (a.k.a. timeouts on the bed). Overall though, it has been so happy to have this sweet little guy at our house.  Even with all the tantrums and hard days, my heart skips a beat when I see Afton and Hyrum just love on this little guy.  I love that they love him so much because I love him so much too.  I love that even though some mornings I am so exhausted, I can't help but feel like life is better than Christmas morning as soon as I see Benson's sweet face, and see him yawn. 

One of these days we will be more rested and our house will seem a bit more clean.  One of these days our schedule won't be turned upside down and I won't be sleeping random hours during the day.  But when that day comes, my little Benson will be grown up and I will miss these days of snuggling him and feeding him while he falls asleep in my arms.  I will miss his little newborn snorting during the night. I will miss his throwing up on me. 

So I am going to live it up.  I feel like overall I have enjoyed this baby much more than my other two.  Not because I love him more, or that he is more special, but just because I am more on the way to being the mother that I would like to be. (Notice I didn't say that I am but more on the way to being the mother that I would like to be.)  I have been able to not get quite as stressed about messes (although I have had a few moments of feeling claustrophobic with toys, clothes and dirty diapers everywhere). I have been able to enjoy each member of my family a little more.  I am grateful for Heavenly Father's help in allowing me to see more of the beauty of this special unique time. I am grateful for good family, and neighbors and friends that have helped me too :)

Benson has brought a lot of joy and sunshine with him.  Here are some photos that portray moments from the last month.

About a week after Benson came, I took the kids on a little date to get ice-cream individually so they could have some one-on-one mommy time with me. We went through the drive through at G's Dairy, then went to sit on the grass together in the sunshine.

While Papa Dave was here, we went to see the Teton Dam.

Even though I didn't have a lot of energy at first to go on walks with my kids, they enjoyed being in the sunshine and riding bikes around our apartment complex while I could hold Benson.  Having a baby in the summer is so wonderful.  I might have all summer babies from now on if I have it my way!

Where's Afton?  Even though we have had our hard moments with her (she is definitely in the wants-to-do-things-all-by-herself-but-can't-quite-do-things-all-by-herself stage), there are these moments that just melt my heart.  Like this one below when she was saying, "Where's Afton?"  At 2 and 1/2, she is very perceptive of other peoples' feelings, especially when they are sad. 

Benson loves to be snuggled during dinner

Benson has been growing like a weed.  He was 7.8 when he was born. Two weeks later, he was 8.9.  At 3 weeks, he was 9.6!  Even though he doesn't eat for very long at a time, he must be getting what he needs.  He is definitely growing and having lots of wet and poopy diapers (about 12 poopy diapers a day to be exact!)

One things the kids love to do is snuggle with Benson in bed or on the couch.

Afton got a new helmet! Love this girl's cheesy smile that she gave when I said that I was going to take a picture of her :)

Hyrum has been practicing taking pictures.  Here is one below that he took.

Benson at 3 and a half weeks old

Sunday morning snoozes with Dad

Benson at 4 weeks old


Benson between 2 and 4 weeks old:
  • Does not like to be hot, at all.  We hardly ever put him in clothes, because he screams until he gets cooled down.  Gets especially hot in the evening before bed.
  • Started lifting head up around 2 and half weeks old.
  • Started using legs to push off laps around 4 weeks old.
  • Gets really upset when he has a poopy diaper!
  • Grunts off and on during the night
  • Goes from 0 to 100% hungry in 5 seconds.  When he wants food, he wants it now!
  • Overall a very mild baby.  If he isn't hungry, poopy or tired he is a happy camper.
  • Likes to be swaddled, although he hardly ever can stay swaddled the whole night.  He always gets his hand out of the swaddle and likes to sleep with hands by his face.
  • He loves to fall asleep while someone (mom or dad) is holding them close to them while they are laying down.