Barn Dance Saturday

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My sweet babies are sleeping in the other room....I should be asleep right now.  We haven't had the best sleep lately at our house.  A Utah trip and sickness, and teething have thrown our good nights of sleep out the window for the past couple weeks.  I just feel so happy that I have to write all about how our Saturday went today.  It was the best, most fun Saturday we have had in a long, long time.

The morning started out with a breakfast/temple date with my sweetie.  We have never gone on a breakfast date.  I rather like breakfast dates.  The hospital here makes the yummiest food so we went and got delicious breakfast burritos and a fruit shake.

The rest of the day was filled with making homemade wheat bread, cleaning, organizing, napping, and getting things done.

Tonight was the most fun of all...when we went to the Barn Dance.  The library put on a no-cost barn dance featuring The Teton Shadow Band (a bluegrass band).  We had so much fun dressing up in Western clothes, showing off new dance should have seen Hyrum...that kid can move!  We laughed and ran around and were completely goofy.  We didn't have any reservations, which I love.  We were all just silly and ourselves and laughed a whole lot.  I am surprised that Afton and Hyrum didn't ever get run over....they had a few close calls with all the running they were doing around the dance floor. I loved dancing with Blaine...we are awful dancers but have so much fun.  I also loved dancing the polka with Afton in my arms, occasionally giving her little kisses on her cheek.

I wish I would have gotten pictures...I took my camera only to find that the batteries were dead.  I am glad I have a good memory so that the pictures from tonight will ever lighten up my bad days.

On the way home, Hyrum said, "Now you know all my dance tricks so you can do them next time."  We stopped and split a blizzard for dessert.  I hope there are more Barn Dance Saturdays to come soon!