I am so grateful for Blessings! Today was Hyrum's Baby Blessing! It was also the day our new nephew was born! What a wonderful day! Besides the actual Blessing being a Blessing, I was reminded of the Blessings that are all around us. Some of the biggest Blessings Blaine, Hyrum and I have are the awesome people that we are lucky to call family! Sunday was one of those amazing days that you just don't want to end. At the end of the day, I thought about President Monson's quote, "God gave us memories so that we could have June roses in the Decembers of our lives." Today was one of those "June Rose Days!"

Hyrum was blessed in a beautiful outfit made by his Grandma Sherri. The pants and vest were made out of the same bolt of fabric that was Blaine's blessing outfit was made from. The tie was made from the leftover scraps from my wedding dress! Blaine's mom is amazing!

Hyrum's Blessing blanket was made by Nicole Albertson, my cousin! She is so talented!

His little booties were made by our good friend, Michelle Willis!

Hyrum and Auntie Hollie

Auntie Hollie and Auntie Melissa

My family

Grandpa Dave

Enjoying a Sunday nap together on Grandma Munn's Counch

Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Kevin

Auntie Jamie

Rylee Sue, Paige and Eli-Hyrum's cousins

Silly Hayden, one of Hyrum's Cousins, put on this wig during the luncheon and I just couldn't resist :)

To Quote My Life...

I used to be a Father of the Bride finatic! Although I am not as crazy about it as I once was, there is a quote from the movie that has always stuck with me. The quote is this, "Life doesn't get much better than this."

There are so many times when I have to get up with Hyrum at night, or wake up to Blaine and Hyrum in the morning that I think that same thing. "Life just doesn't get much better than this!"

I am so blessed and I am the luckiest gal to have the two most handsome boys in my life!

Little Blowout!

I am surprised that it took a month for this to happen, but today was the day! Let me give you a few clues of the event that took place today....
  1. There was a loud noise!
  2. There was a stinky smell!
  3. There is a little more laundry to do!
  4. Hyrum felt much better after this took place!

Look at the pics to see if you guessed right

The stain


The Culprit-A much happier camper after the event :)