Our Garden

So since this blog is titled "The Murray Adventures" I decided that I can write too. I realize that Kristin is much more interesting, witty, charming, etc... that is why I married her. However, she didn't say I couldn't write on this blog so here goes with a highlight from our fairlytale little life.

Kristin and I have been doing a garden at my Grandma Munns house in Archer just outside Rexburg. We have been growing and watering and praying for this thing to work out. As you will notice from these pictures we have had a pretty good run at this first garden of ours as a married couple. I have had a blast working alongside Kristin as we have pulled weeds many hours under the hot sun this past summer. The garden also gave me such a stress relief during my Summer semester which ended July 24th. Dirt seems to be able to relieve tension for me, go figure.

My mom always is saying the phrase "there must be a gospel principle in that." As we have done this garden many lessons have come to us as we have experienced the ups and downs of a vegetable gardeners life. The first lesson we learned is that we need help! Although we both grew up in homes where gardens were grown, we both had to recognize that there is much we can and need to learn from others. We learned, in a hard core way, the law of the harvest. Both Kristin and I have used the lessons we learned in the garden in lessons and talks in church. I think above all we also learned that work can bring you closer to each other than almost anything else in this life. I am so grateful I got to be with Kristin as I did this. I love the crap out of her!!!

Enjoy our garden pictures!

Kristin and My uncle Lynn prepping the garden with a John Deere and a disk

Gettin' rows ready for seeds. Early May

Kristin and mama Murray planting seeds. Early May

Trench watering; tried and true. June

First signs of life: Beans!! Late June

First harvest- Raddish. July

Kristin, Riley (my niece), and myself in our towering corn. Late July

Again, this time facing the camera.

A skunk got into our corn one night so we had to take drastic measures. An electric fence was put up to keep the critters out.

Kristin's first time touching an electric fence. Now she's a real country girl!

This is the latest edition to our family... Little Bhuela Zucchini arrived on August 25, 2009 to a proud and loving mother. We decided to name her in honor of Justin, Thanks Manger.

Our first corn from the garden about to be consumed.