The Letter "H"

August 19, 2013

Today Hyrum learned how to write the letter "H".  Because of that, our sidewalk tonight is covered with H's!  He had a ball using the sidewalk chalk to show us and all our neighbors his new skill.

We had the perfect Family Home Evening tonight.  I can't describe to you the happiness I felt being outdoors in the sunset, (the most magical time of the day), watching a little boy's eyes light up and say "Ta-da!" every time another "H" was written, seeing Blaine and Afton snuggle on the lawn, and watching jets go by in the sky as we laid on the lawn together.

I am loving the outdoor summer evenings and I am having a hard time when I think about these evenings coming to an end soon!

Summer Stroll

July 2013

This particular evening Hyrum rode his trike while we enjoyed a beautiful Rexburg sunset.

Marsh Lake

August 5-9, 2013

My favorite trip growing up was Marsh Lake, hands down.  It was my favorite for many reasons, but I have pin-pointed just a few:
  • No cell-phone reception.  This makes it so you have to disconnect with the rest of the world and zero in on relationships that mean the most.
  • Down-time and Stuff to Do.  Perfect Mix of Relaxation and stuff to do.  No stress to fit everything in, just do it at your leisure.
  • Great Outdoors.  I love seeing the sunsets, smelling the pine trees and looking at beauty all around that was created by God just for me.
  • Best Food.  Yep, no questions about it, the best food of the entire year.  We ate way too much for sure.
  • Campfire Time.  This is my favorite time to chat with those I love the most.  There is something magical about the campfire.
  • Canoeing.  I like fishing, but I LOVE canoeing.  I think the love was started during my canoe trip in the Boundary Waters a few years back.
  • The Sound of the Wind.  It is so quiet up there you can hear the wind through the trees, and I have never heard it quite the same as when I am up at Marsh Lake.
  • Treasure Hunt.  Always corny clues, but so fun that everyone gets excited about getting a cheap little prize.
  • Gummy Worm Fairy.  This is the person who brings gummy worms for those that straighten their tent and sleeping bags in the morning.
  • People.  I love the people that I got to spend the week with.  Some of my favorite in the entire world.
Here some snapshots of the adventure.

Our living quarters for the week.

Evening stroll by the lake, in a breath-taking sunset.

Hyrum caught his first fish with Daddy and Papa Dave.

I loved watching my Aunt S snuggle with Baby Afton.  It warmed my heart because it was just like my mom was snuggling her.

Uncle B made his famous lasagna!

I thought it was hilarious how all the little kids looked like racoons with dirt around their eyes.  I tried to give my kids a baby wipe bath, but they were dirty two seconds after.  In the words of Aunt Karen, "Oh Well!"  That is what camping is for, right?

Afton had her first canoe ride with Hyrum, Blaine, and me.

Afton with Papa Dave

By the end of the trip we were all ready for a bath and some better sleep, but we will have such happy memories of our Marsh Lake 2013 trip!

Backyard Campout

July 2013

We had a campout with our good friends Luke and Jessica.  It took place in their backyard.  It was a good test run for Marsh Lake to see how our kids would do sleeping in a tent.

We made hot dogs J'Dawg's style, had a campfire and enjoyed watching our boys have a ball running around together.

Trying S'mores a new way, with Reese's instead of chocolate bars a.k.a. "The Best S'mores Ever!" -say Blaine, Kristin, and Hyrum

Look at those two little boys.  They are in heaven and they love each other so much!  These smiles say it all!  What a great night!

Peaches n' Cream

July 2013

We always have one theme treat every summer that we seem to eat a lot of.  In the past it has been Goo-Goo Cluster Ice Cream w/ Sugar Cones, Popsicles, etc.  This summer we have a new favorite treat, Peaches n' Cream.

This particular summer evening, we enjoyed the treat on our front porch.  Blaine and Hyrum then enjoyed playing with the tennis racket.  It was the perfect night to be outside.  Now that the semester has ended for Blaine, we are feeling fancy free!

Peaches n' Cream is the perfect way to celebrate summer officially starting for us!  Yumm!

Cress Creek Hike

July 2013

We went with our friends on a hike up the Cress Creek Trail.  It is named Cress Creek because of the Watercress plant that grows in the creek.  We had a fun time exploring, keeping away from the poison ivy, (which was a bit tricky because I have a two year old that wanted to touch everything and it seemed to be everywhere!), seeing the view from the top, watching the little boys and Salote play follow-the-leader down the trail, and watching Afton just enjoy seeing the leaves and be in the sunshine.  Our favorite part of the day was taking off our shoes and playing in the creek after completing the loop.

As always, our adventure with Darcy, Salote, Tui, and Tau lasted longer than planned but was a nice get-of-the-house-and-into-the-great-outdoors adventure.

What fun memories we made today!

Funny Dad

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It started after we got married.  One day, I realized just how funny the man is that I married.  I think we were getting ready for bed one night, or maybe we were getting ready for school.  That's it, I think we were getting ready for school.  Blaine came into the kitchen where I was getting food ready.  I looked at him and something wasn't quite right.  I gazed over him then noticed his hair, and his pants.  His hair looked kind of crazy and his pants were pulled up way too high.  "Did he mean to do his hair like that?" "Is he going to wear his pants out in public like that?"  These, along with others, were unspoken thoughts that went through my head.  I think Blaine could tell I was confused and baffled.  Then finally a smile creeped over his face until the moment that I was pretty sure he was kidding.  I think I blushed until I started laughing and I felt relieved that, "Yes, Blaine does know how to dress and do his hair. Phew!" 

Ever since that moment, he continues to sneak in funny hair-do's and crazy outfits when I am least expecting it.  Lately, he has been pulling in Hyrum and Afton in on the joke.

This particular Sunday night, I came in from taking out the trash or something and found Afton, in her pack-n-play like this.

Later, when Blaine was brushing Hyrum's teeth, they both came out of the bathroom like this.

It is moments like this that help me remember to laugh more, and take life less seriously.  I am grateful I have a funny husband, and my kids have a funny dad to help remind us just how good life really is.  Thanks Blaine for all the crazy hair-do laughs!

Afternoon Sewing Project

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I love sewing.  I don't love hauling the sewing machine out and having a fabric mess all over the kitchen table.  So as a result, I hardly ever do it, but I do love it. 

Today, I whipped out my simple sewing skills and made some toys for my kids.  Blaine had a fun time taking play-by-play snapshots of the event.

The evidence of my sewing project could be seen all over the rug under our kitchen table :)  

Finished products:  Sensory Square for Afton and Bean Bags for Hyrum