Little Darlins

Friday, August 29, 2014

It has been over 2 months since I have posted.  I feel like I do a great job posting for a while, then get busy and totally neglect to post for a long time.  But sometimes, there are things in life that come before blogging, right?

Since I have last posted, we have had the 4th of July, summer adventures, the Marsh Lake Camping trip, family reunions and everyday life.

Also since the time I last posted, we have made a "Rexburg Bucket List" of everything that we have always wanted to do in Rexburg but never have.  A couple weeks ago, we checked one of them off.

The day was Sunday, August 17th, my little brothers birthday.  It was a beautiful, clear morning.  The temperature was perfect. My little family and I trekked up to the Rexburg L.D.S. temple.  We enjoyed a picnic breakfast of our favorite banana oatmeal snack bars, fresh fruit, and milk out on the lower grounds of the temple.  After we got through, we walked around and talked with our kids about why we have temples, and the significance of them.  We told them about our wedding day there and told them that because of this beautiful, wonderful place our family can be together forever!

It was such a perfect start to our sabbath day!  It reminded me of the deep love I have for my temple covenants, and the deep love I have for my family (the one I grew up in and the one I have now).

These little sweethearts mean so much to me.  I feel like lately I have lost my patience with them so easily.  Today was a good reminder to me just how fun it is to be a mom of little kids.  I am so lucky!

Here's to more great bucket list adventures with my little darlins!