My Afty Girl

February 2017

My Afton is 4!  Where has the time gone since they placed that beautiful baby girl in my arms for the first time?  I always think back to the time when we snuggled, skin-to-skin in the hospital and I realized that I was the luckiest woman in the world to be holding this little miss.  That little baby girl always liked to be snuggled and wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my arms for the first 6 weeks.  I look back at those treasured moments and sometimes wish I had enjoyed them more.  They go by so fast.

Now I have a very sweet and spunky 4 year old, who doesn't like to go to bed, who is the best big sister to Benson, who wakes up a few times every night and comes in my room in the middle of the night and asks me to pray for her :)  She loves shoes of all kinds.  In fact, that is the first thing she asks at someones' house, is if she can try on their shoes.  She does not like all!  Her giggle is contagious and I love how freely she laughs.  She squeals when her brothers tease her and can hold her own.  She is so tender hearted and very stubborn.  She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes.  She makes life a party wherever she goes.  Seeing her growing up, I am reminded of a prompting that I received about her on Mother's Day 2013 as I walked home with her in my arms.  The prompting was this, "Afton is here to teach you how good life is!"  That is so true.

Happy Birthday my sweet Afton!

For her birthday, we had a treasure hunt at our house and then went on a girl's date to Pizza Pie Cafe.  I love that Afton always wants to take silly pictures!

I turned around in the car to see her so proud of her scarf wrapped around her head like this!  I love how vivacious this girl is!

Then we hit up the stores to find the perfect high heels and nightgown.  She always is drawn to the sparkliest shoes, with the highest heels.  We didn't get these shoes, but ofcourse had to try them on.  She also had to try on the Elsa hat with braid attached.  She still loves long hair!

This was more fun for me than for her, but I had to have a little ten minute photo shoot.  I love the pics I got of her facial expressions!

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