Homeschool Adventures

February 2017

I felt inspired to do homeschool this year with Hyrum.  It has had it's ups and downs.  I feel like it took us to January to get the hang of things.  Each day isn't perfect, and we are still fine tuning our groove, but it has been so sweet lately.  I don't know about you but I am not always perfect at stopping to play with my kids, especially when the housework is piled up.  Homeschool has made me stop and learn and play with my kids.  It has been really rewarding overall.

 ^Hyrum is learning subtraction right now.  I found some fun worksheets and resources on  Before Christmas, I was creating everything on my own.  This website has been life saver!  Look how cute Hyrum writes his numbers.  He does awesome and is left handed.

 ^ Look at this cute little miss.  She loves coloring and crafts right now.

 ^Afton is learning shapes right now.  

^The three books we read for school that day.  Hyrum is 73 lessons through the reading lesson book.  Afton is learning to memorize "llama llama i love you" and The Relatives Came is an all-time favorite from my childhood.

^After our reading lessons and math worksheets we had cooking school.  This was so fun.  The kids loved helping me learn the ingredients, measurements and tasting the banana cake at the end!  Cooking school will remain a regular part of our schooling!

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